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Systems Management with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JB234)

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Course Content

Systems Management with JBoss ON is a deep dive into the JBoss® Operations Network. Students learn how to monitor and manage their JBoss servers and systems—including their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Enterprise BRMS, Data Services Platform, Enterprise Web Server, and Enterprise SOA Platform deployments—using the many features and capabilities of the newest version of JBoss Operations Network.

Who should attend

  • JBoss administrators seeking in-depth knowledge of JBoss Operations Network's monitoring and management capabilities, including managing inventory, provisioning, alerts, operations, notifications, and drift management.



  • Base experience with system administration on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux operating systems
  • Understanding of hardware and networking
  • No prior knowledge of Java™, scripting, or JBoss Developer Studio is required.

Course Objectives

  • Install a JBoss Operations Network server and agent, and JBoss Operations Network plug-ins
  • Import and manage inventory (such as servers and systems)
  • Monitor the imported resources
  • Analyze JBoss Operations Network reports
  • Provision servers and applications using the JBoss Operations Network bundling capabilities
  • Monitor JBoss applications using JBoss Operations Network
  • Administer a JBoss Operations Network server
  • Manage content
  • Use JBoss Operations Network for drift management
  • Deploy JBoss Operations Network in a high-availability environment

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of JBoss Operations Network

  • Learn about the functionality of JBoss® Operations Network and its use cases. Also learn how to install a JBoss Operations Network Server, an Agent, and Agent Plug-ins.

Module 2: Managing inventory

  • Use the various types of groups available in JBoss Operations Network to organize and manage imported resources. Also learn how to customize the JBoss Operations Network dashboard.

Module 3: Monitoring resources

  • Use JBoss Operations Network to monitor managed resources, including defining alerts, baselines, and notifications.

Module 4: Reporting

  • Learn the reporting features of JBoss Operations Network.

Module 5: Provisioning

  • Provision servers and Java™ applications using the JBoss Operations Network bundling capabilities.

Module 6: Monitoring applications

  • Use JBoss Operations Network to monitor various components of a Java EE application, including Enterprise JavaBeans, datasources, and JMS destinations.

Module 7: Administering JBoss Operations Network

  • Configure the JBoss Operations Network server itself, including adding users and roles, configuring system settings, editing templates, and running CLI commands.

Module 8: Managing content

  • Use JBoss Operations Network to manage content, including defining content sources and using repositories to deploy new versions of packages and applications.

Module 9: Drift management

  • Learn how JBoss Operations Network can be configured to manage drift issues, including pinning snapshots and determining drift
  • compliance.

Module 10: High-availability JBoss Operations Network

  • Deploy multiple JBoss Operations Network servers in an HA environment, including defining Affinity Groups.
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