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Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Application Server Management (EX234)

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About this Course

Individuals who earn the Red Hat® Certificate of Expertise in Application Systems Management have demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to use JBoss Operations Network to monitor and manage application systems running on Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Application Server Management exam is a performance-based exam.

Who should attend

  • The audience for this exam is experienced system administrators who use JBoss Operations Network to manage and monitor application systems.

Class Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisite for this exam, but Red Hat recommends that you have good, hands-on experience with JBoss Operations Network and consider taking the JB234 course as well.

Recommended Training Systems Management with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JB234)

What You Will Learn

You should be able to perform the following tasks:

Install and manage JBoss Operations Network server

  • Execute a basic installation of JBoss Operations Network server
  • Install, start, stop, and restart JBoss Operations Network server
  • Understand rhqctl script use

Install and manage RHQ Agent on a managed platform

  • Install and upgrade an agent on a managed platform from the JAR File
  • Register and re-register the agent
  • Clean the agent configuration, with the original security token
  • Understand and use agent prompt commands
  • Run the JBoss Operations Network agent as a service
  • Change the agent connection configuration
  • Install the agent from an RPM
  • Start the agent

Install and manage plug-ins

  • Install JBoss Agent Plug-in Packs
  • Install Platform Plug-in
  • Install Agent plug-ins through JBoss Operations Network server, without physical access to the managed platform
  • Configure the agent to discover Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6 instances

Manage resources

  • Discover resources
  • Know the different the types of resources
  • Use dynamic searches for resources and groups
  • Fix connection settings for JBoss EAP-type resources
  • Interact with system users for agents and resources

Managing groups

  • Create static groups
  • Create dynamic groups
  • Write RHQ Dynagroup expressions
  • Recalculate dynamic groups
  • Use recursive groups


  • Define and configure metrics and measurements
  • Enable and disable metrics for a specific resource
  • Change metrics templates
  • Understand server metrics and JBoss EAP-type resource metrics
  • Understand resource traits

Define alerts

  • Understand and define alert conditions
  • Understand and define alert dampening
  • Understand and define alert notifications

Deploy applications and content

  • Understand and design bundles
  • Create a basic Ant bundles file
  • Provision bundles
  • Deploy content and applications through bundles

Manage configuration drift

  • Understand drift, drift definitions, and detection
  • Understand snapshots, deltas, and baseline images
  • Add a drift definition for a resource
  • Pin snapshots and manage compliance

Manage users and roles

  • Create a new user
  • Create a new role
  • Define access control and permissions
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