Overview of Project Management (OPM)

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Who should attend

This course is ideal for functional managers, project team members key project stakeholders and anyone with project responsibility who needs a basic understanding of core project management practices.

  • Project team members and stakeholders will discover a vocabulary and framework that lends structure and perspective to the experience they already have
  • All participants will find that the exercises in this PM course reinforce primary concepts used to manage a project
  • This Project Management course explains how you can avoid many of the problems that project teams most often encounter
  • Project Management Training teaches concepts that can make you more effective in almost any work that you do


This course assumes minimal experience with project work. No prior PM training is required.

Course Objectives

Project lifecycle and project environment

  • Getting a project off to a good start
  • Knowing who your stakeholders are
  • Providing effective estimates
  • Defining and managing scope, schedule and budget
  • The Communication Strategy
  • Resource Planning; Quality
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Status Reports
  • Change Control
  • Controlling cost
  • Lessons Learned


Learning Approach

  • A highly experienced instructor will use interactive lecture format, short exercises, group discussions and other techniques to drive home the essential points of this material
  • We will build on whatever project experience you have while providing you with a structure and vocabulary to use in future projects.
  • If you have modest project management knowledge, you will find that the clarity of the material and direct presentation style of the instructor will make the subject matter easy to understand.
  • You will receive a Student Guide which will help you follow the material, take notes and retain what you learned so that you can apply it on your job.

Detailed Course Outline

Project Structure
  • Sources of project success and failure
  • Project vocabulary
  • The project environment
  • Project life cycle
  • The project charter
  • Project objectives and Business Value
Project Planning
  • Defining scope - Requirements and the WBS
  • Developing the project schedule
  • Resource Planning
  • Project budget
  • The communication strategy
  • Quality
  • Managing project risk
Execution and Control
  • Status reports
  • Change control
  • Controlling cost
  • Controlling scope
Successful Conclusion
  • Contract closure
  • Administrative closure
  • Lessons Learned
  • Celebration
Classroom Training

Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 545
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