Firewall: Install, Configure, and Manage (201)

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About this Course

This is an introductory-level class where you will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to install, configure and manage your firewall. You will also learn the configuration steps for the security, networking, threat prevention, logging and reporting features of the Palo Alto Networks Operation System

Who should attend

Security Engineers, Network Engineers, and Support staff

Class Prerequisites

Students must have a basic familiarity with networking concepts including routing, switching and IP addressing. Students should also be familiar with the traditional role of a firewall in network security. Experience with other security technologies (IPS, Proxy and content filtering) can be a plus.

Outline: Firewall: Install, Configure, and Manage (201)

Module 1: Platforms and Architecture

  • Single Pass Architecture
  • Control Plane and Data Plane
  • Flow Logic

Module 2: Administration & Management

  • GUI – CLI – and API
  • Config Management
  • PAN-OS & Software Update

Module 3: Interface Configuration

  • Layer 2 – Layer 3 – Virtual Wire – Tap
  • Sub-interfaces
  • Security Zones

Module 4: Layer 3 Configuration

  • Interface Management
  • Service Routes
  • DHCP
  • Virtual Routers
  • NAT (source and destination)
  • IPv6 Overview

Module 5: App-ID ™

  • App-ID Process
  • Security Policy Configuration
  • Policy Administration

Module 6: Content-ID ™

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Vulnerability
  • URL Filtering
  • File Blocking: WildFire ™
  • Zone Protection

Module 7: Decryption

  • SSL Inbound and Outbound

Module 8: User-ID ™

  • User-ID Agent
  • Enumerating Users
  • Mapping Users to IP
  • Users in Security Policy

Module 9: VPN

  • IPsec
  • GlobalProtect ® Overview

Module 10: High Availability

  • Configuring Active/Passive HA

Module 11: Panorama

  • Device Groups & Templates
  • Shared Policy
  • Config Management
  • Reporting and Log Collection
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