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Introduction to IOT - The Transformation of Industries through IOT (Utilities) (IOTU)

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Course Overview

This course is designed to enable Partner Account Managers to start a conversation around IoT in the Utility sector. Each industry has different challenges and a different market, so the application of and value by IoT will depend on specific vertical knowledge.

Students will take away a sound understanding of the challenges in Utility, the market economics and drivers, scenarios for IoT in Utility, the potential stakeholders within and beyond IT - and primarily how to start a conversation with them.

Additionally, students will understand the Cisco IoT system and building blocks based on a case study. Equipped with this knowledge, students are able to approach (new) stakeholders in order to position Cisco IoT and unhide new opportunities.

Who should attend

Account Managers, Business Developers

Course Objectives

After the course, participants are empowered:

  • Understand the transformative power of the IoT
  • Know the Cisco IoT System & validated designs
  • Understand the macro-economical challenges of the Utility sector
  • Identify how IoT helps to transform and creates value in Utility (building blocks & solutions)
  • Evaluate IoT use cases and how they change KPI’s
  • Start a business-led conversation
  • Get on track – plan actions and use Cisco resources

Detailed Course Outline

Part 1 - Transformation through Digitalisation – with Cisco IoT & IoE

  • Introduction participants & facilitators; setting scene and show agenda for day
  • IoT as a driver for transformation: a brief overview on IoT as a technology as well as a driver for the digitalization of life and business; Internet of Things as part of the ‚Internet of Everything’ drives the digitalisation of industries – clarification/definition
  • Overview on IoT in business - from ‚create’ to ‚decide’; how IoT changes the way companies make decisions, and how Cisco participates (CCAAD: create, communicate, aggregate, analyze, decide) – component overview

Part 2 - Macro-economics in the utility sector – an opportunity for IoT

  • The new reality macro-economical challenges in ‘Utility’: providing background knowledge about water, energy etc. sector (market forces, legal, economical etc. by using PESTLE) – working example: analysis of Utility sector by applying PESTLE

Part 3 Cisco IoT system – overview

  • How Cisco participates: 'The Cisco IoT System', validated designs for IoT solutions
  • What is the solution, overview and product components, ecosystem partners and competitive landscape.

Part 4 Connected Industry – Utility

  • IoT & IoE in the Utility industry: Cisco building blocks and solutions, Key Buyers and their care-abouts, key outcome of Cisco IoT for utility companies
  • Defining IoT use cases – working with use cases in order to unhide the potential of IoT: 'What-if-scenarios' with embedded IoT in a certain business process or use case.
  • Exercise: pick a use case and define impact of IoT (KPI’s), buyers and care-abouts
  • Understand the stakeholders in ‘Utility’ use cases: understand whom to address with IoT beyond IT, their individual challenges, potential value, how to approach them - draft the buying center – draft messaging.

Part 5 - Cisco offerings & services

  • Next steps, certifications, service offerings, sales tools & resources, enablement, programs etc.

Q&A, Feedback

Classroom Training

Duration 1 day

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