Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM)

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About this Course

This 3 day, hands-on intensive course focuses on deployment of the FlexPod data center and how NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP virtualizes storage into Storage Virtual Machines (SVM) to manage data with the FlexPod. You will learn key implementation procedures, management and basic troubleshooting tasks on the Cisco Nexus 5548UP, Cisco UCS and NetApp storage. In labs, you will gain hands-on experience working with the VMware ESXi and Hyper-V hypervisors and the management tools that support them.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network engineers, Network administrators, System engineers and Server administrators


This course is part of the following Certifications:

Class Prerequisites

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • General knowledge of networking technologies
  • CCNA / CCNP Data Center recommended
  • Basic understanding of storage operations
  • Basic knowledge of server and server virtualization technologies such as VMware ESXi

What You Will Learn

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Identify the architecture, features and components of FlexPod
  • Describe implementation parameters for Components including Cisco Nexus 5500 switches, Cisco UCS and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP
  • Describe FlexPod management tools

Outline: Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM)

Module 1: Describe FlexPod
  • Describe data center philosophy
  • Understand migration to cloud architecture
  • Build a cloud infrastructure using proper requirements and challenges
  • Describe the benefits of FlexPod architecture
  • Identify FlexPod data center architecture platforms
  • Describe the components of FlexPod data center
  • Describe FlexPod validated designs
Module 2: FlexPod Networking
  • Describe Cisco Nexus Switches
  • Describe expansion modules
  • Identify features of Cisco NX-OS
  • Demonstrate NX-OS management
  • Describe NX-OS high availability
  • Describe Cisco Nexus configuration options
  • Initialize the Cisco Nexus switch
  • Configure LAN interfaces
  • Create VLANs and virtual port channels
  • Demonstrate VSAN configuration
  • Demonstrate creation of device aliases
  • Demonstrate configuration of zoning policies
Module 3: FlexPod Storage
  • Understanding NetApp Storage
  • Describe the cluster interconnect configuration requirements
  • Set up clustered Data ONTAP 8.2
  • Describe storage network configuration requirements
  • Identify Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) configuration requirements
  • Demonstrate setup of a NFS SVM with NetApp OnCommand System Manager
  • Demonstrate setup of a Fibre Channel SVM with NetApp OnCommand System Manager
Module 4: FlexPod Compute
  • Identify Cisco UCS compute components
  • Describe Cisco UCS Manager
  • Describe Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Demonstrate configuration of the Fabric Interconnect
  • Set up Cisco UCS service profiles and templates
  • Manage Cisco UCS
Module 5: FlexPod Virtualization
  • Describe Hypervisor Virtualization
  • Discuss VMware ESXi Server
  • Define Microsoft Windows Hyper-V 2012
  • Explain NetApp SnapDrive and NetApp SnapManager for Hyper-V
Module 6: FlexPod Management and Troubleshooting Tools
  • Describe NetApp Management Tools
  • Describe Cisco Management Tools
  • Describe Cisco UCS System Faults and Logging
  • Describe Cisco Nexus System Logging
  • Define App System Monitoring and Logs
  • Explain Microsoft and VMware Hypervisor Event Logging


  • Lab 1-1: Understanding Connectivity in the FlexPod Environment
  • Lab 2-1: Cisco Nexus 5548 LAN Deployment
  • Lab 2-2: Cisco Nexus 5548 SAN Deployment
  • Lab 3-1: NetApp Cluster Setup (Optional)
  • Lab 3-2: Assign VLAN Tags to the NetApp ifgrps
  • Lab 3-3: Create Vservers (SVMs) to Serve Fibre Channel and NFS
  • Lab 4-1: Configure Cisco UCS B-Series
  • Lab 4-2: Install ESXi 5.1 to a Boot LUN
  • Lab 5-1: Connect vCenter to the ESXi Server
  • Lab 6-1: Install and Configure Cisco UCS Director
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