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Fast IT- Accelerate and Automate (FITAA)

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Who should attend

  • Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Sales Engineers and Product Sales Specialists (How to sell to the business instead of selling to IT using these new concepts and methodologies.)
  • Individuals who need to stay on top of new concepts, processes and procedures, in particular the processes and procedures related to the efficient interworking of Cloud, Data Center, Software Development and Release Engineering
  • Individuals who are looking for a better understanding of a cloud-based software delivery model including concepts and methodologies for operating in a more efficient and “lean” SaaS delivery model
  • Individuals who require an understanding of Cloud Automation, “Lean” Development Concepts, Cutting-Edge Virtualization Trends and new DevOps methodologies, in particular as it relates to Network Programmability, SDN/NFV and the next-generation Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) model

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how the Fast IT model combined with the Cisco ICF and ACI platforms can accelerate and automate a Cloud based software service delivery model allowing customers to better compete within the new, fast-paced and rapidly changing software services delivery (DevOps) paradigm
  • Communicate key Cloud and DevOps Concepts and Influencers driving these new models
  • Understand the tactical issues associated with Fast IT and how Cisco products leveraging the ACI platform model & vision can efficiently address those issues at the tactical level while influencing an organizations strategic vision
  • Provide a strategic overview and effectively communicate major Fast IT concepts and related Cisco products and solutions

Outline: Fast IT- Accelerate and Automate (FITAA)

Module 1: Overview and Fundamentals

  • Market & Business influencers driving the Fast IT model
    • Overview of key market trends and the financial, operational and technical drivers for Cloud adoption
    • What goals are business decision makers trying to accomplish with Fast IT?
  • Virtualizing the DC – It’s no longer just servers - Storage, DR, Networking & Security
    • Review DC terminology and key operational components and concepts
    • Gotchas and benefits of virtualization
    • Virtualization flavors and key differentiators
    • Containers vs Hypervisors - will Containers completely replace the Hypervisor?
  • Key Cloud concepts reviewed
    • Review key Cloud concepts (Public, Private and Hybrid)
    • Explain NIST definition of cloud computing: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service.
    • Explain purpose of the different XaaS models – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, MaaS, CaaS
  • Cloud Platforms & Frameworks
    • What is a Cloud platform?
    • Cloud components virtualization, elasticity, cost, reliability/redundancy, scalability, capacity
    • What is the difference between a Cloud platform, a Cloud framework and a Cloud service
    • Overview of the top cloud frameworks: OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Cloud Foundry, Cloud Stack & OpenNebula
  • What is SDN, NFV and how does Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fit into it
    • Explain Network Programmability and its objectives
    • What is the relationship between SDN & NFV?
    • ACI and the Cisco SDN philosophy and vision
    • Comparative Analysis

Module 2: Cloud Fusion Concepts

  • Private vs Public Clouds
    • Public Clouds – AWS, MSFT Azure, IBM Softlayer
    • Hybrid Cloud benefits & challenges
    • Cloud Fusion
    • Merging Private OnPrem with Public Cloud
    • On-Premise appliance-based solutions vs Cloud based software solutions
  • Cisco InterCloud Fabric
    • ICF Overview and Objectives
    • Key Features, Services and Differentiators
    • Key ICF Ecosystem Partners
    • Comparative Analysis

Module-3: DevOps Overview

  • Historical Context
  • DevOps – definition, concepts, architecture, and best and worst practices
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Comparison of top 10 Development Methodologies
    • “Lean” Development vs “Agile” Development?
    • How DevOps automates & accelerates your entire Cloud Service Delivery Infrastructure Model
  • Key DevOps Components & Tools
  • What is CI/CD and how can it benefit the Software Development Life Cycle?
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous Deployment
  • The “Missing Link” that gets lost in the excitement - DevOps Security & Compliance Issues
    • How to “Harden” your Fast IT environment, processes and procedures
    • What are the differences between authentication and identity management?
    • What is the minimum security standard you should design your infrastructure to?
  • Test Automation in the era of Cloud Computing

Module 4: Putting Fast IT Concepts into Practice

  • “A day In the life”
    • of an App developer – simplified by Cisco Intercloud Fabric
    • of an IT Manager – simplified by Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure
    • of a CIO – simplified by Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite
  • Real-world use cases
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