CCNP Blended Learning Boot Camp (CCNPBLBC)

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This course is streamlined for Networking Professionals intent on CCNP Certification, and those who are ready for an accelerated, immersive boot camp experience, including comprehensive hands-on exercises, evening sessions, cram sessions and more. Students are expected to prepare for this intensive experience by participating in pre-class assessments and self-paced study via our Community Site Learning Portal. The whole package is crafted by the most knowledgeable CCNP content developers in the world, giving you a special advantage in attaining your certification in a timely manner.

What’s included:

  • Pre-class Access to Online Official Cisco Learning Content, including video-rich eLearning, Assessment Questions, and a Dynamic Learning Portal for tracking your self-paced, pre-class study process
  • Pre-Class Mentoring support from a CCIE-level Fast Lane Certification Expert Instructor
  • All 3 exam vouchers (exams delivered during class!)
  • Exam Pass Guarantee on all 3 CCNP Exams
  • All 3 Authorized Cisco Courseware Kits: (SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT)
  • Access during class to complete hands-on labs from all 3 Official Courses
  • 8 intense days of training and certification
  • lunches, drinks and snacks daily

Who should attend

THis course is intended for professional looking for a way to achieve CCNP Certification while minimizing time out of the office.


The 3 CCNP exams are taken during the Boot Camp. This allows you to attain your CCNP with only 1 week out-of-the-office inconvenience. That’s right—5 days out of the office, and you come home CCNP Certified! We are so certain that you will get certified that we include an Exam Pass Guarantee: As long as you follow the program as prescribed, we will pay for your retake on a failed exam!

Class Prerequisites

To attend the CCNP Blended Learning Boot Camp, you need a valid CCNA certification at least 30 days prior to the start date of class. You will also need to commit to work through the self-paced assessments and eLearning provided via the Fast lane Community Site Learning Portal.

What You Will Learn

Upon completing our CCNP Blended Learning 8-Day Boot Camp, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Analyze campus network designs
  • Implement VLANs in a network campus
  • Implement spanning tree
  • Implement inter-VLAN routing in a campus network
  • Implement a highly available network
  • Implement high-availability technologies and techniques using multilayer switches in a campus environment
  • Implement security features in a switched network
  • Integrate WLANs into a campus network
  • Accommodate voice and video in campus networks
  • Plan and document the configuration and verification of routing protocols and its optimization in enterprise networks
  • Identify the technologies, components, and metrics of EIGRP to implement and verify EIGRP routing in diverse, large-scale internetworks based on requirements
  • Identify, analyze, and match OSPF multi-area routing functions and benefits for routing efficiencies in network operations in order to implement and verify OSPF routing in a complex enterprise network
  • Implement and verify a redistribution solution in a multi-protocol network that uses IOS features to control path selection and loop free topology according to a given network design and requirements
  • Evaluate common network performance issues and identify the tools needed to provide a layer 3 path control that uses IOS features to control the path
  • Implement and verify a layer 3 solution using BGP to connect an enterprise network to a service provider
  • Plan and document the most commonly performed maintenance functions in complex enterprise networks
  • Develop a troubleshooting process to identify and resolve problems in complex enterprise networks
  • Select tools that best support specific troubleshooting and maintenance processes in large, complex enterprise networks
  • Practice maintenance procedures and fault resolution in switching, routing based environments and in a secure infrastructure
  • Practice maintenance procedures and fault resolution problems in a complex environment


CCNP Blended Learning Boot Camp Exam Pass Guarantee:

1 In order for you to successfully pass the 3 required CCNP exams in only 1 week you need to come to class prepared. That’s why Fast Lane’s team of CCIE-level Certification experts, the masters of the CCNP Curriculum, have carefully devised our learning portal, providing you a comprehensive learning plan including self-paced activity, video-rich eLearning, objectives-based reading activities and comprehensive self-assessments. Through all of it, your CCIE mentor expert is watching your progress and guiding you in your self-paced pre-class activities.

2 In order to meet the requirements for the exam pass guarantee you will need to login to the Fast Lane Community Site Learning Portal and perform 15 to 30 hours of pre-class self-paced activity and pass the pre-class assessments with a certain degree of proficiency. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

Outline: CCNP Blended Learning Boot Camp (CCNPBLBC)


Module 1: Analyzing Campus Network Designs
Lab 1-1: New Hire Test

Module 2: Implementing VLANs in Campus Networks
Lab 2-1: Design/Implement VLANs, Trunks, EtherChannel
Lab 2-2: Troubleshoot common VLAN Config / Security
Lab 2-3: Configure Private VLANs

Module 3: Implementing Spanning Tree
Lab 3-1: Implement Multiple Spanning Tree
Lab 3-2: Implement PVSRT+
Lab 3-3: Troubleshooting Spanning Tree Issues

Module 4: Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing
Lab 4-1: Implement Inter-VLAN Routing
Lab 4-2 Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing

Module 5: Implementing a Highly Available Network
Lab 5-1: Implement HA in a Network Design

Module 6: Implementing Layer 3 High Availability HSRP, and GLBP
Lab 6-1: Implement and Tune HSRP
Lab 6-2: Implement VRRP

Module 7: Minimizing Service Loss and Data Theft in a Campus Network
Lab 7-1: Secure Network Switches to Mitigate Security Attacks

Module 8: Accommodating Voice and Video in Campus Networks
Lab 8-1: Plan implementation and Verification of VoIP in a Campus Network

Module 9: Integrating Wireless LANs into a Campus Network
Lab 9-1: Integrating Wireless in the Campus


Module 1: Planning Routing Services to Requirements
Lab 1-1: Assess Skills for Implementing Complex Networks

Module 2: Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution
Lab 2-1: Configure and Verify EIGRP Operations
Lab 2-2: Configure and Verify EIGRP Circuit Emulation and Frame Relay Operations
Lab 2-3: Configure and Verify EIGRP Authentication
Lab 2-4: Implement and Verify EIGRP operations

Module 3: Implementing a Scalable Multiarea Network OSPF-Based Solution
Lab 3-1: Configure and Verify OSPF to Improve Routing Performance
Lab 3-2: Implement and Verify OSPF Multiarea Routing
Lab 3-3: Configure and Verify OSPF Route Summarization for Internal and External Routes
Lab 3-4: Configure and Verify OSPF Special Area Types
Lab 3-5: Configure and Verify OSPF Authentication

Module 4: Implementing an IPv4-Based Redistribution Solution
Lab 4-1: Configure Route Redistribution Between Multiple IP Routing Protocols

Module 5: Implementing Path Control
Lab 5-1: Configure and Verify Path Control Between Multiple IP Routing Protocols

Module 6: Connection of an Enterprise Network to an ISP Network
Lab 6-1: Configure BGP Operations
Lab 6-2: Manipulate EBGP Path Selections

Module 1: Planning Maintenance for Complex Networks

Module 2: Planning Troubleshooting Processes for Complex Enterprise Networks
Lab 2-1: Introduction to Troubleshooting

Module 3: Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools and Applications
Lab 3-1: Assembling Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools

Module 4: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Campus Switching Based Solutions
Lab 4-1: Layer 2 Connectivity and Spanning Tree
Lab 4-2: Layer 3 Switching and First-Hop Redundancy

Module 5: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Routing Based Solutions

Module 6: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Network Security Solutions
Lab 6-1: Introduction to Network Security
Lab 6-2: Cisco IOS Security Features

Module 7: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Integrated, Complex Enterprise Networks
Lab 7-1: Troubleshooting Complex

Classroom Training

Duration 8 days

  • United States: US$ 6,625
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 67 CLC
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