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Borderless Network Mobility Overview (BNMO)

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Corporations are facing a huge influx of mobile devices into their environments. This "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" corporate culture is a concept that's time ihas come: The Tablet, Smart Phone, and other emerging mobile devices will continue to have an increasing impact on corporate networks. Cisco mobility solutions give IT management visibility into the wireless spectrum, and simplify network management, maximizing performance and minimizing downtime. These solutions allow companies to deploy mobile networks that scale to meet application demands, while making them reliable and easy to manage.

Course Content

This highly focused 1-day Technical Sales Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of how to sell the latest Cisco Borderless Networks Mobility solutions. Cisco mobility products comprise state-of-the-art, high-speed resilient wireless and wired products. They integrate to provide robust, accessible networks capable of supporting diverse applications and devices, and maximizing the Borderless Network experience.

Attendees not only learn the fundamentals about Cisco's Borderless Network Mobility Solutions, but also learn how to effectively demonstrate the solution to potential customers using a proscribed Demo Kit.

Practical lab exercises and demos augment and reinforce the course objectives. Delegates will learn how to demonstrate:

  • Setup of WLC and AP's using wizard, basic management of system.
  • Integration with NCS management.
  • CleanAir.
  • Guest Access and Policy

Who should attend

This Course is intended for Technical Sales, and Pre-Sales Engineers at Cisco Partners intent on supporting the sale of Borderless Network Mobility Solutions


Students should have a global understanding of Cisco sales and technology, with a CSEv5 Certification preferred.

Course Objectives

Upon completing of this Sales and Technical Sales Workshop, you will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe the benefits of Cisco mobility products.
  • Describe the operation of Cisco's Unified Wireless architecture.
  • Describe 802.11n and the benefits it brings.
  • Describe Cisco Access Points (AP), Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS), Mobility Services Engine (MSE), Identity Service Engine (ISE).
  • Describe the advantages Cisco has over its competition, and describe sales tactics to maximize these advantages.
  • Describe elements of mid-market solutions - Guest Access, Voice over IP, BYOD.
  • Define the Cisco product key differentiators and positioning.

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 : Day Overview and Introductions

Module 2: Selling Cisco Mobility Products

  • Introduction - The Changing Wireless Market
  • Market Changes
  • Mobility Changes Everything!
  • New User Behaviors
  • New User Demands
  • Business Video Trends:
    • Video Conferencing, Tandberg, WebEx, etc.
    • YouTube - now a corporate marketing tool
    • College Students
    • Smartphone Video Chats
    • Training via video
    • Video Self Help
    • Video Kiosks
  • BYOD / Borderless Access Drivers and Assumptions
  • BYOD / Borderless Access Key Functionality and Success
  • Customer Pain Points: Healthcare
    • Supporting the rush of Tablets in the Hospital
    • Enabling secure productivity outside the facility
    • Ensuring top performance from the wireless network
    • Delivering a holistic view of all access and users
    • Elevating patient care by improving the productivity of hospital staff
  • Customer Pain Points: Retail
  • Customer Pain Points: Warehouse/Logistics
    • Increasing Operational Efficiency
    • Providing Capacity for Data Collection
    • Managing Inventory
    • Distributing Product
  • Taking Mobility Mainstream: A Business Imperative
  • Section 2: Fundamentals of wireless
  • Section 2.1: Wireless Fundamentals
    • WLAN
    • Air
    • Shared
    • Collision Avoidance
    • RF channel based
    • Up to 28 non-overlapping channels
    • Speeds:
    • Ethernet
    • Wire
    • Switched
    • Collision Detection
    • Wired port based
    • Unlimited number of ports
    • Speeds
    • Infrastructure Mode
    • Mesh Networks
    • Multipath
    • Standalone and Lightweight APs
    • Cisco Unified Controller-Based Solution
    • Cisco “Split MAC” Design
    • Cisco WLAN controller
    • Security policies
    • QoS policies
    • RF management
    • Mobility management
    • Wireless Virtual LAN Support
    • Antenna Types
  • Section 2.2: 802.11n
    • Benefits of 802.11n Over 802.11a/b/g Networks
    • 802.11 n Backwards compatible to 802.11 a/b/g
    • 300 - 600 Mb runs in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
    • 802.11n Channel Aggregation
    • 802.11g and 802.11a use 20 MHz channels.
    • Single transmit stream
    • Single transmit antenna
    • Single receive antenna
    • Severely affected by multipath
    • Transmit Beamforming (Cisco ClientLink)
  • Section 2.3: Wireless Challenges
    • Mobility / Unified Access Challenges
  • Section 3: Cisco Portfolio Overview
  • Section 3.1: The Cisco Wireless Family
    • Cisco Mobility / Unified Access Portfolio
    • Enterprise-grade WLC for the Campus
    • Competitive Differentiation
    • Recognizing Opportunities
    • WiSM2 Enhancement
    • Enterprise-grade WLC for the Campus
    • Recognizing Opportunities
    • WAN Tolerance
    • High Latency Networks
    • WAN Survivability
    • Security
    • 802.1x based port authentication
    • Voice support
    • Voice CAC
    • Local and inline power (IEEE 802.3af) support
    • AP3600
    • Powerful 802.11n Dual-band Performance
    • Features & Specs
    • Supports secure corporate connectivity to the home
    • Full 802.11n Speed
    • 802.11n performance and reliability
    • OfficeExtend 600 Series Access Points

Module 3: Demonstrations and Design

  • Demo of basic WLC & AP Setup, setup SSID, WPA/WPA2/Eap-Fast
  • Demo how to setup guest access
  • Demo how to integrate with NCS
  • Demo how to integrate CleanAir with NCS
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