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Borderless Network Architecture Baseline Workshop (BNABW)

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Course Overview

Cisco has a major competitive advantage across all of its portfolio: the Network. Borderless Networks Architecture is the binding vision for how businesses leverage the network to meet today—and tomorrow’s—business needs.

This instructor-led workshop enables Account Managers to impart to customers the Borderless Network Architecture vision and to make the connection between the customer’s business needs and the value of implementing an architectural solution for their enterprise networking requirements.

Attendees will take away a strong understanding of the underlying Borderless Networks Architecture components, the competitive landscape, and develop plans for identifying and engaging prospects.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this workshop is the Account Manager working in the Enterprise and Mid-Market segments. Account Managers working in the SMB and channel segments may also benefit from this training.


A background in networking and Cisco sales is strongly recommended.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and articulate Cisco’s Borderless Networks Architecture vision and strategy, as well as its value to your customers.
  • Understand competing solutions and how to differentiate Cisco's solutions, and how to effectively deflect FUD from the competitors.
  • Correctly position Cisco's range of Borderless Networks solutions within your customer’s environment.
  • Understand the critical success factors in selling Borderless Networks solutions
  • Explain to a customer Cisco's perspective on the Next Generation Network, and why that is relevant to their business.
  • Explain the primary components of Cisco's Mobility, EnergyWise, Medianet and Security solutions in relation to the business value they provide.
  • Articulate overall market size, forecasts and drivers around Borderless Networking.

Detailed Course Outline

NOTE: There are 3 Elective Modules included below addressing Cisco's specific solutions and competitive landscape for Medianet, Application Velocity and EnergyWise. These are NOT included in the 1 day class, but can be included for a 1.5 day (or 3 ILO Webex session) delivery.

1. Networking Today
  • Trends Driving Business, Device and People Interaction
  • Borderless Use Cases
  • The Borderless Networks Value Proposition
  • The Customer perspective on Mobility and Security
2. Business Drivers, Market Overview & Update
  • Market Forces and Drivers
  • Key Business Drivers
  • Overview of Borderless Networks Market
  • Local Geography & Market Update: tailored for region of delivery
3. Borderless Networks Strategy, Vision & Architecture
  • The Borderless Networks Vision and Strategy
  • From “Good Enough” to “Next Generation” Networking
  • Seamless access and unified policy control for any device
4. Borderless Networks Architecture Framework and components
  • Mobility Solutions with Unified Wireless
  • Energy Management with EnergyWise
  • Enterprise Security with SecureX
  • Application Performance Optimization with Application Velocity
  • Multimedia optimization with Medianet
  • Network, device and service management with Cisco Prime
  • Exercise: Role-Play – Create an executive sales pitch on the value of Cisco's Borderless Networks Architecture
5. Selling Cisco BYOD
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • BYOD components: AnyConnect, ISE, Unified Wireless, the infrastructure, and Cisco Prime for management
  • Cisco's Beyond BYOD difference
6. Selling Identity-based Networking Solutions with ISE
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Component Overview: Posture, Profile, Guest Services, 802.1X
  • From Wireless Only to Enterprise wide
7. Selling Cisco EnergyWise (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • The Energy Management Market
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Energy Manamgent Business Drivers
  • Differentiating EnergyWise Orchestrator
8. Selling Application Velocity (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Component Overview
  • Exploring Application Velocity Use Cases
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • The Application Velocity Value proposition
9. Selling Medianet (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Exploring Business Video Use Cases
  • The purpose of Medianet
  • Describe Medianet Architecture
  • The Medianet Value proposition
10. Understanding the Competition and Differentiating Cisco
  • What Differentiates Cisco
  • Competitive Overview
  • Competitive Profiles
  • Exercise: Competitive Advantage Role-Play
11. Call to Action
  • What not to do
  • What to do
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  • United States: US$ 695
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 7 CLC
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Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 695
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 7 CLC
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