CompTIA A+ Boot Camp (APLUSBC)

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Who should attend

Those who wish to excel in the role of a computer technician or support professional, and IT professionals who wish to reinforce their knowledge of basic hardware and software skills necessary to be successful in a variety of IT positions.


You will take the following CompTIA Exams during the class in order to achieve the CompTIA A+ Certification:

  • 220-701 for CompTIA A+ Essentials
  • 220-702 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application

Class Prerequisites

Prior to enrolling in Fast Lane’s CompTIA A+ Boot Camp, you should have a general understanding of Windows® 2000 Professional or XP and experience with Microsoft products and technologies.

What You Will Learn

Upon the completion of our CompTIA A+ Boot Camp, you will know how to:

  • Comprehensively demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge to current or potential employers, coworkers and clients
  • Successfully achieve a wide array of technical and support skills
  • Properly install, configure and oversee an assortment of networks on multiple platforms
  • Effortlessly apply basic troubleshooting skills to work situations


What’s included?

Fast Lane’s five-day A+ Boot Camp is the accelerated way to advance your career in IT. Our Immersion approach requires you to push yourself, but the rewards are great: take and pass BOTH A+ exams in just five days!

Our five-day intensive boot camp provides the most comprehensive approach to CompTIA A+ certification available. A+ certification leads to career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries. Only Fast Lane's CompTIA A+ Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Five full days of intensive instruction with no outside distractions
  • Quality, targeted prep materials available to you prior to start of class via our Fast Lane Community Site
  • Complete hands-on practice and skills development on real systems, including building from scratch and in-depth troubleshooting
  • Included exam vouchers for the A+ certification exams
  • On-site testing
  • Snacks and beverages provided on each day of class
  • Pre- and post-mentoring
  • One of the foremost certifications in the industry
  • Intensive, hands-on, detailed curriculum covering a broad range of critical IT professional skills
  • Expanded marketability and credibility as an engineer or technician

Outline: CompTIA A+ Boot Camp (APLUSBC)


  • PC Components
  • Effectively Working with Personal Computer Components
  • Laptops and Portable Devices
  • Understanding Operating Systems


  • Identifying Operating System Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Procedures
  • Understanding the Basics of Printers and Scanners
  • Networking Fundamentals


  • Networking Fundamentals (continued)
  • Identifying Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Understanding Professionalism and Communication
  • Working with Personal Computer Components


  • Installing, Configuring, Optimizing, and Upgrading Printers and Scanners
  • Understanding Network Security Fundamentals
  • Installing, Configuring, Upgrading, and Optimizing Security Systems


  • CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam (220-701) Cram Session
  • Take Actual CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam (220-701) Exam
  • Afternoon Session: A+ IT Technician focus: IT Technician Overview
  • CompTIA A+ Practical Application Exam (220-702) Cram Session
  • Take Actual CompTIA A+ Practical Application Exam (220-702)
Classroom Training

Duration 5 days

  • United States: US$ 2,195
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