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Cisco Collaboration Partner Adoption Business Workshop (CPA-BW)

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About this Course

Exclusive to Fast Lane, this business track of the Cisco Collaboration Partner Adoption Go-To-Market Workshop addresses the most important aspects for selling the Cisco’s collaboration portfolio. The key to a successful Collaboration Adoption Practice is to develop your go-to-market strategy around an Adoption Engagement Process that methodically focuses your sales effort for maximum success. From selecting target customers to navigating the decision chain within that organization, this course addresses post project assessment and analytics for implementing best practices in future projects.

Who should attend

  • Partners interested in taking advantage of up to US$100,000 per qualifying deal under the Cisco Collaboration Adoption Incentive Program.
  • Practice Principles, Adoption Services Team Members, Product Sales Specialists and Sales Managers
  • The key to a successful Collaboration Adoption Practice is involving the team members that will:
    • Develop your go-to-market strategy
    • Engage customers to create an Adoption Engagement
    • Execute the Adoption Engagement
    • Measure the success of the program and manage the Cisco incentive claiming process

Class Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Cisco collaboration products, their functions and how they interact to add value

What You Will Learn

  • Leverage new Cisco incentives that will support the development of a Collaboration Adoption Program
  • Learn why Cisco is shifting from hardware-based sales to software and cloud-based solutions
  • Understand the value of driving collaboration adoption activities within your existing customer base
  • Focus on creating compelling solutions focused on your customer’s business outcomes
  • Create the foundation for adoption services you can offer to customers
  • Develop strategies for engaging IT and building relationships with line-of-business decision makers
  • Practice the steps required to prepare for delivering your adoption services to business groups
  • Track and measure the success of your program to build a long-term customer engagement

Outline: Cisco Collaboration Partner Adoption Business Workshop (CPA-BW)

Module 1: Program Overview, Positioning and Industry Trends

  • You will review changes in the technology industry, business outcome selling and positioning.
  • You will review Cisco's transition to a software-focused solution company.

Module 2: Program Preparation & Partner Value Proposition

  • You will identify your Collaboration Adoption value proposition and positioning for customer engagements.
  • You will see how the preparations and value propositions align with existing service and solution offerings.

Module 3: Customer Selection Process

  • You will learn how to first engage existing customers, how to prioritize new opportunities and how to best engage the Cisco sales teams for maximum impact.

Module 4: Business Outcome Planning

  • You will learn to identify key business outcomes and focus on selling solution delivery models, from product based solutions to Anything as a Service (XaaS) models.

Module 5: Engagement Planning & Engaging IT

  • You will learn how to engage IT leaders as champions to gain access to business groups and formulate a joint strategy for driving value through adoption services.

Module 6: Executive Sponsor Engagement

  • You will learn how to select and approach executive sponsors and practice specific formats for developing executive conversations.

Module 7: Line-of-Business Engagement

  • With the support of the executive sponsor, you will learn how to engage the line-of-business team and leverage focus groups to develop a single business use case for the initial adoption engagement.

Module 8: Phase 1 Setup

  • You will learn how to ensure customer readiness for an adoption rollout and review all of the operational components that need to be developed to ensure success.

Module 9: Phase 1 Deployment

  • Experience is key when deploying a solution. You will learn how to ensure success of the program and measure results through surveys and key measurements.

Module 10: Metrics and Feedback

  • You will review steps required to capture feedback through surveys and reports while sharing this data with key stakeholders inside and outside the customer.

Module 11: Project Completion and Next Phase Planning

  • You will understand the importance of a tight scope of engagement, while avoiding scope-creep and preparing for additional adoption engagements.

Module 12: Considerations for Building an Adoption Practice and Program Summary

  • You will learn to leverage the Ten Step process of building and implementing an efficient adoption practice.
Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

  • United States: US$ 1,650
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 17 CLC
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