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Brocade Network Industry Protocol (NIP200)

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About this Course

The Brocade Network Industry Protocol (NIP200-ILT) is a 3 day instructor-led course that provides a foundational working knowledge of a network structure and function including basic networking operations, Layer 2/3 addressing and standardized multi-vendor supported core, management and monitoring protocols.

Who should attend

This course is designed for engineers engaged in the installation, configuration, and basic troubleshooting of IP networks.

Class Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

What You Will Learn

You will be able to:

  • Describe
    • OSI reference model and the function of each layer
    • TCP/IP model
    • Differences between, an L2 switch, and an L3 switch/router
    • Layer 2 functionality and its supported protocols (VLAN, STP, 802.1Q, LACP, physical address)
    • Layer 3 concepts (IPv4v6 design, addressing, CIDR, VLSM)
    • IP routing concepts and benefits of routing protocols (OSPF, BGP)
  • Explain end-to-end packet flow
  • Explain the function of:
    • Network services (NTP/SNTP, DNS, DHCP)
    • Management protocols (SNMP, NETCONF, RMON)
    • Transport protocols (FTP, TFTP, SCP)
    • Interactive application protocols (SSH, Telnet, HTTP, SSL/HTTPS)
  • Explain access management (AAA, TACACS+, RADIUS)
  • Describe WAN technologies function (Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, WDM/TDM)
  • Explain security concepts (802.1X, ACLs, TACACS+, AAA, Radius, LDAP)
  • Define the benefits of link failure detection protocols (BFD, RFN, LFS)
  • Describe general concepts of OpenFlow 1.3 and its characteristics
  • Explain the differences between PoE/PoE+ and use cases
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Duration 3 days

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  • United States: US$ 2,400
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