Successfully Planning and Implementing Enterprise-Critical Networks

The quality of a company's network infrastructure plays a vital role in its success. IT Departments and the services they provide and support are becoming an ever more powerful business enabler. We offer consulting services to private and non-private organizations, helping them to select state-of-the-art internetworking solutions and providing support in all development phases. Our consultants are impartial, serving customer's needs irrespective of vendor preferences.

We specialize in designing cost-effective IT solutions as well as implementing concepts.

The results of our consulting efforts are tangible and measurable, helping to secure and enhance our customers' lasting success.

We offer the following consulting services:

Strategy Consulting

Feasibility Analysis and Decision Support

Today, IT Strategists, Decision Makers and Network Managers are facing an ever-increasing variety of new technologies, solutions and products for information and communication infrastructures. We develop customized and cost-effective enterprise solutions that tap the full potential of trailblazing technologies. All our solutions consider international and industry standards. Our offering includes:

  • Customized strategy consulting
  • Vendor-independent IT consulting
  • Support in strategic technology-related decisio
  • Project analysis
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Technology Consulting

Network Planning and Design

We can help enterprises chart a strategic course for their networks, ensuring the selected network technology delivers the maximum ROI. We cover the full scope of design consulting, from initial drafts to detailed specifications.

We are at your side, helping you to design a network that provides optimum support for business processes today and is adaptable to satisfy the emerging demands of tomorrow; a network that is scalable to meet future application requirements, delivers high performance even at periods of peak traffic and offers maximum availability and stability.

Our offering includes:
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Selecting technologies and products
  • Detailed design specifications
  • Pilot testing
Network Optimization and Management

Effective network management is key to securing maximum availability and performance and also saves time and costs. In many cases, performance can be enhanced without leveraging major investments. In some instances, your staff may simply lack the necessary skills required to maximize your network's potential. Often existing resources can be optimized to enjoy a significant boost in performance.

Our offering includes:
  • Network baselining
  • Optimizing network performance, availability, service, and costs
  • Capacity and migration planning
  • Cost/benefit analysis for changes
  • Network troubleshooting

Implementation Consulting

Integrating New Technologies into IT Infrastructures

Support During Implementation and Integration

Our specialists team up with your company's IT and business experts to transform enterprise goals and visions into engineered solutions. Our seasoned project managers ensure that network projects are completed on time and within budget. We migrate legacy topology to new network designs smoothly, with minimum downtime and maximum user support.

Our offering includes:
  • Project management
  • Site assessment and site requirements specification
  • Equipment preparation and installation coordination
  • Configuration, testing and documentation
  • Migration implmentation and testing
  • On-the-job training and specialist qualification

Specialized Consulting

Integrated, IP-based Communication Solutions

Enterprises can simplify network management, increase productivity and reduce costs by linking different communications networks. Converging voice and data networks opens a window to a variety of new applications, products and services. But convergence also poses formidable challenges, particularly in terms of preparing your IT people with the skills required to handle these innovative communication solutions. Our consultants help you develop trailblazing solutions enabling integrated voice, data and video communication in convergent networks.

Our offering includes:
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Designs for a convergent networks
  • Optimizing transmission quality
  • Selecting technologies and products
  • Planning new services and applications
Security Solutions

As enterprise networks become more sophisticated they are becoming more vulnerable. It takes ever more encompassing security technology to safeguard your information. In order to offer truly comprehensive protection, IT security management must extend beyond the network environment and databases, shielding every access point and fortifying all potential weak spots within an enterprise. Our security specialists team up with your company's experts to pinpoint security risks and propose potential technical and procedural improvements.

Our offering includes:
  • Security audits
  • Vulnerability testing (internal, external)
  • Developing and implementing security strategies
  • Implementing firewall solutions
  • Safeguarding intranet/extranet environments
  • Installing intrusion prevention solutions
  • Improving electronic communications

Leveraging proven methods and profound experience, we are able to manage our projects with utmost efficiency. Our consultants keep costs, deadlines, and project goals in mind and under control, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget to your full satisfaction.

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