Microsoft Cloud Series, Webinar #5- Azure PaaS: Recap

In the fifth webinar of our 7 part Microsoft Cloud series with Microsoft expert, Julio Cruz, we were able to give businesses of all sizes a better understanding of how Microsoft Cloud is effectively deployed in his webinar “Real Life Scenarios with Azure PaaS”.  The modern business requires a flexible cloud platform that will help it grow with greater efficiency and responsiveness – Azure is the answer!  In the our fourth webinar we discussed the advantages and power of Azure as a IaaS solution, already a great solution for businesses.

With Azure PaaS the possibilities get even greater with abilities like web app deployment, complete app platform solutions like full SQL databases (instead of manual creation of the components on IaaS), Active Directory, and backup/recover.  Azure PaaS means minimized management overhead, lower cost, fast provisioning, high availability and scalability – all key advantages for your business!

Azure PaaS

Hopefully you feel more comfortable about choosing the right cloud solutions to best cover your business needs. This is an ongoing 7-part webinar series –join us next for “Working with Office 365”!

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