Interested in Azure, but not sure what to expect?

Moving to the cloud… everyone is evaluating it, doing it, talking about it.


How are systems administrators migrating on premises content to the cloud? How are database administrators using Azure to host SQL Server databases? How are developers evaluating creating Azure solutions?

If you’re interested in Azure, but not quite sure what to expect, you may have questions like this.

As an established data center training company, we’re hoping to help our students with this transition by answering those questions in a free half-day Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshop, January 4th, 2018 beginning at 12:00 PM EST.


What will you learn?


  • How to describe cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, and Azure subscriptions
  • How to describe Microsoft Azure websites
  • How to understand virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • How to understand Microsoft Azure virtual network
  • How to describe Microsoft Azure storage
  • How to describe databases in Microsoft Azure
  • How to describe Microsoft Azure Active Directory


We want you to learn even more!


8 of our registrants for the January 4th workshop will be entered to win a full 2 day Azure Fundamentals course.

To Register for the free half-day workshop and be entered to win the full 2 day Azure Fundamentals course, click here.

Microsoft Azure Training

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