Who To Trust In Training

Who To Trust In Training

In her blog post “Who to trust in training- what you need to know”, Rachel Forke highlights the importance of using qualified experts for IT training. Forke, Director of Cisco’s Worldwide Learning Partner Channel, explains the effect IT training has on successful companies who are taking full advantage of market opportunities. Cisco focuses on the benefits that organizations will acquire when taking advantage of their approved Learning Partner.

Forke also warns consumers about the dangers of using unauthorized training. While the benefit of a lower cost is initially appealing, taking this route can end up costing much more in the long run. When using unauthorized training, you run the risk of training in a lab that is not Cisco-certified with an instructor who has not been properly trained. This can lead to re-training in the future, which wastes time, money, and resources. Unauthorized training can also hurt the reputation of an organization.

An organization’s best asset is motivated and informed employees. Providing employees with proper training is essential to the overall success of a company, especially in helping employees evolve their skills as technology changes and develops in the IT world.

It is extremely important to find a qualified training company for your IT training needs because of the benefits it will create for your organization. This is why Cisco created Learning Partners, so that consumers and companies have all of the best information easily available for them to research. It’s important for an organization to find the training company that will best meet the needs of the training they are hoping to acquire. All of the Learning Partner’s associated with Cisco are recognized for their specialty in providing an expert learning environment with the equipment necessary to give the consumer the best training possible.

Fast Lane has been an Authorized Cisco Learning Partner for more than 10 years and we offer a wide range of Cisco training from entry-level to advanced courses. All of our courses are taught by Certified Cisco Systems Instructors and we were named the 2013 Cisco Global Learning Partner of the Year.


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