The New IT Landscape: What Your Business Must Focus On

The New IT Landscape: What Your Business Must Focus On

In today’s ever connected world, there are constant shifts in the digital realm and a global transformation occurring in the digital economy. With these changes come effects that you must consider for your business. The convergence of Mobility, Social Networking, Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things is creating new business scenarios and platforms for digital business. These forces are both innovative and disruptive in on their own, but together they are revolutionizing business at a rapid pace.

Don Sheppard addresses these disruptions and the key technologies that are the next generation of IT in his article “What’s next for IT? It SMACs of a ‘third wave’ of innovation”. Sheppard points out that there are Social, Business, Operation and Infrastructure disruptions occurring due to the following factors:

  • The ways in which people interact, live and work through email, texting and social media
  • Changes in the products and services that business are offering their customers
  • New processes and practices that are developing with business execution
  • Changes in the underlying resources that support the operation of a business

Sheppard also discusses infrastructure technologies that are key in the digital business transformation:

  • Social Networks: public systems such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Mobility and Wireless: services that allow communications to be wireless and mobile
  • Analytics and Big Data: the collection, storage and processing of large datasets to support evidence-based predictions and conclusions, often about customer behavior
  • Cloud Computing: processing, storage and network services offered by third-party providers as an alternative to traditional corporate systems

The Internet of Things, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization and Dev/Ops are also mentioned in his article as influential technologies in the new IT landscape. (Read Sheppard’s full article here.)

In order to thrive in this new hyper-connected business landscape, companies must focus on building and executing digital strategies that combine all of the above converging forces. Fast Lane has developed a portfolio of offerings addressing the complexity and impact of the latest transformative technologies like Mobility, Cloud, IoT and Big Data. Our solutions can help your company understand the impact of these transformational technologies and empower your staff with training to execute a powerful business strategy that aligns with the new IT landscape.

Don Sheppard is a Subject Matter Expert on Emerging Technologies at Fast Lane Consulting and Education, Inc.

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