Top 5 Reasons Why Your IT Career is Advancing

Top 5 Reasons Why Your IT Career is Advancing

In 1975, a new personal computer called the Altair 8800 entered the consumer market. Many people dismissed the Altair and believed it to be nothing more than a nonsense idea that would never catch on. Almost everyone believed this except a 19-year old math wizard and Harvard drop-out named Bill Gates, along with a small group of fellow amateur computer programmers. They saw a world of endless technology opportunities and together set up a small company of their own, which is known today as Microsoft.

The initiative and enthusiasm of these early innovators has created rapid growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and is now one of the fastest growing and most in-demand industries. The IT industry is an essential component of everyday life with opportunities across every level that provide daily challenges, a variety of work, and often a relaxed working environment. Check out the top 5 reasons below on why your IT career is advancing:

  1. Growth
    2015 is shaping up to be one of the best years for those in the IT field. Overall, IT budgets within companies are up by 2.4% from last year and spending on enterprise software is seeing the biggest rise yet, 5.5%. All of this is caused by a more stable market and the turn of the recession in the US. So what does this mean for IT jobs? First off, there are going to be more of them and they are going to be higher paid. This is a great time to be entering the IT field and even better for those IT veterans.
  2. Forefront of Technology
    IT is a field that is constantly evolving and changing and those who work in the IT sector can expect to be at the front of technology innovation. In order to keep advancing your career in IT you need to be up to date on all of the newest technology available to the IT community. IT training is a key component to staying ahead of technology advances, and training for technology is ever changing, offering virtual training to keep learning fun and convenient. Change is something that will keep your job interesting and keep you engaged long term.
  3. Deadline Driven
    The IT industry is driven by deadlines. This is exceptionally advantageous for those who thrive under pressure and benefit from structure.
  4. The People
    You will never be short on passion in the IT field. The IT community is a tight knit group and is chock-full of driven professionals seeking to gain and share knowledge. It is imperative to tap into the knowledge of blogs, forums, and open source communities that exist purely to revolutionize the field.
  5. Always a New Challenge
    With a constant stream of innovation flowing out of the IT field, you will always be faced with a new challenge to master. This field has enough variety to last a lifetime and sustain a lifelong career. IT professionals have to be versatile to be successful, and this is due to the constant change. Cloud computing is an example of change; it became popular due to our need for flexibility and convenience. It used to be the standard that most IT professionals would run applications and programs from software that they downloaded on a server or computer, Cloud computing changed this routine by allowing professionals to connect to a program from anywhere with an internet connection. As the world becomes more connected challenges arise on how to protect privacy and security. Organizations are exposed to threats of hacking and IT professionals are presented with the opportunity to work on the best security for their company. No one IT job is the same and even the father of IT says, ‚ÄúThese are fun jobs. They’re not just jobs where you’re stuck in a cubby hole writing code your whole life. They’re really about changing the world, learning about users and working with people in a very strong way.” -Bill Gates, Microsoft founder.


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