Managing the Cloud with NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager

Managing the Cloud with NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager

Cloud ManagerTechnology industries are quickly changing as cloud-based platforms continue to shift into more complex multi-cloud designs that involve a mix of public and private cloud resources. Not only is it impacting IT, cloud skills are also making their way into many non-IT job roles, such as engineers, project managers, and accountants. With businesses demanding the best of cloud services, Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) are becoming a critical component for effectively leveraging multi-cloud environments.

NetApp recently released an enterprise-level software solution called OnCommand Cloud Manager that enables easy deployment and management of hybrid cloud storage environments for Cloud ONTAP. Not only does it provide installation, resource assignment, and provisioning of data, it also offers day-to-day management activities for the environment and can automate your data movement from on the premises to Amazon. After integrating the software with your cloud environment, Cloud Manager allows you to enter credentials that enable it to gather the resources you need to meet your storage requirements. Cloud Manager is then able to monitor and provide valuable feedback on the cost of resources over time, helping you decide when to move workloads to the most cost-efficient environment.
Key features of OnCommand Cloud Manager:

  • Integrated data protection and availability
  • Advanced storage efficiency
  • Simplified deployment and configuration of Cloud ONTAP
  • Central point of control provided for all Cloud ONTAP instances
  • Automated data movement between your premises and AWS
  • Cost monitoring of your AWS cloud storage resources provided
  • Easy license and entitlement management
  • Facilitated hybrid environments
  • Protocol support for NAS and SAN

Cloud ONTAP services can be purchased on an hourly basis by deploying Cloud ONTAP services directly from the AWS Marketplace, or through a six-month subscription directly from NetApp. All packages include FlexClone® technology, multiprotocol support, the full suite of NetApp data protection software, and the OnCommand suite, not including OnCommand Insight.

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