Saving Your Business’s Infrastructure with MetroCluster Data ONTAP 8.3

Saving Your Business’s Infrastructure with MetroCluster Data ONTAP 8.3

metroclusterIT professionals are under an enormous amount of pressure with IT budgets shrinking and an ever growing need for high data availability in a 24/7 environment. In order to meet ever increasing service-level agreement (SLA) requirements, continuous availability needs to be ensured with zero data loss while keeping the cost low. In addition, mission critical infrastructure is a result from today’s highly virtualized environments, where no single application is critical, but if the entire infrastructure were to fail the business would suffer a devastating impact.

With a high demand for zero data loss and zero downtime, NetApp created a software called MetroCluster that runs on the clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system, starting with ONTAP 8.3. This software not only provides continuous data availability across data centers for mission-critical applications, it also provides rapid and seamless recovery in the event of an outage.

NetApp MetroCluster Data ONTAP 8.3 combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring between a primary and secondary data site, within a 200 km distance, to provide continuous data availability that is simple to use and cost effective. Not only does it provide local high-availability and non-disruptive operations within the data center, it also supports non-disruptive operations beyond the data-center against the major causes of downtime, which includes power and network faults. In the event of a total site disruption, data services are protected when the secondary site takes over.

There is also a de-duplication feature that further extends MetroCluster’s low cost through maximizing storage utilization and providing substantial storage savings. Storage savings are between 20-30% for non-virtualized environments, and 50-90% with applications and virtualized environment.

NetApp and VMWare also have a partnership that offers a complete availability solution from server to storage in a virtualized environment. VMWare’s VMSC handles application availability while MetroCluster provides continuous data availability in the event of any disruption.

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