VMware’s Cloud Computing Approach

VMware’s Cloud Computing Approach

VMware strives to become the next major player in cloud computing.

In the past weeks, VMware has announced numerous changes to its cloud computing approach, signaling a change in expectations for the company. With the introduction of vSphere 6, Virtual SAN 6, Integrated OpenStack and NSX on vCloudAir, VMware has shifted their cloud computing efforts into the next gear.

By partnering with Google, VMware’s vCloudAir will include certain Google Cloud Platform features such as scalable object storage, a DNS and databases. This partnership, along with an increased attention to this now perpetual technology has launched a ‘one cloud, any app, any device’ campaign. Hopes are high from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger that consumers will stick with his company, since both public and private cloud options are now available.

In the multi-cloud world we now live in, Gelsinger knows that having loyalties to one singular company is difficult, but confidence is high due to over 650 new features to the vSphere, including live migration ability of VMs over long distances and instantaneous cloning of thousands of VMs at once. Updated Virtual SAN features also include increased node scalability and a higher-volume input and output process.

These new updates to a company that pioneered an ESX hypervisor before the cloud and has been estimated as having over 50% of the market share in the compute virtualization market, should allow VMware to emerge as a heavy hitter in the cloud computing industry.

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