NetApp’s New Hybrid Cloud Foundation Promises Improvement

NetApp’s New Hybrid Cloud Foundation Promises Improvement

During NetApp Insight in Las Vegas this year, NetApp officials announced that their cloud data management would be improved and simplified through the implementation of new software, services and partnerships. Customers will have a choice between a blend of operating systems including, Clustered Data ONTAP, Cloud ONTAP, OnCommand and NetApp Private Storage. By utilizing these options, the hybrid cloud will be able to assist customers without losing control of any current data.

NetApp believes that hybrid clouds are not only important for changing how we use IT currently, but also for building innovations in the future. The hybrid cloud not only creates a seamless

transition for companies looking to protect their data, but also improves the economics, flexibility and business impact of their existing infrastructure.

It was announced that NetApp has implemented several technology components to make the hybrid cloud a successful reality:

– Their Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 has enhanced the company’s software-defined storage OS and will help businesses of all sizes perform effectively. A critical piece of this component is the NetApp MetroCluster Disaster Recovery Software. Critical business applications will be able to operate quicker and more efficiently in the event of disasters or planned outages.

– OnCommand Cloud Manager allows for efficient provisioning of clustered Data ONTAP between private and public cloud providers. A sleeker interface also makes it simpler to navigate, meaning it is easier to view your company’s cloud environment.

– Cloud ONTAP combines clustered Data ONTAP’s power with Amazon Web Service’s scalability all on the public cloud. This OS combines the seamless scalability and non-disruptive operations of clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 with the on-demand benefits of cloud services.

– NetApp Private Storage enables businesses to use myriad clouds and still maintain control of their data on a sole storage device. NetApp Private Storage combines cloud elasticity with the high level of performance, availability and privacy of enterprise storage.

Companies that work with the cloud understand the importance of adapting to current technologies while deciphering how they can improve their business and meet the needs of their customers. The hybrid cloud’s ability to easily move large volumes of data with its high-quality security make for a very useful and versatile tool. The hybrid cloud, much like the introduction of the hybrid vehicle, seems set to revolutionize how efficient companies can be. Consolidation and simplification of permanent and mobile workspaces are more easily attainable with this new NetApp innovation.

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