NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution Expected to Release in Early 2015

NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution Expected to Release in Early 2015

What is the NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution?

A new infrastructure solution, created by a collaboration between NetApp and VMware that combines VMware’s EVO: RAIL and NetApp’s Data ONTAP operating system. The solution assimilates storage under a common user interface with a single point of support so customers can efficiently deploy and manage virtualized business critical applications in branch offices while integrating them into the larger enterprise environment managed by FlexPod.


Who is it designed for?

The EVO: RAIL solution is designed for organizations with departmental, remote, and branch offices with limited IT staff in order to speed the deployment of virtual servers and desktops.


What are the benefits?

– Reduces complexity by simplifying the delivery of software-defined infrastructure services

– Supplies comprehensive local and remote data protection

– Minimizes risk by offering demonstrated storage efficiencies and independent storage expansion, integrated data protection, and increased stability

– Provides flexibility to integrate with the cloud using NetApp data fabric

– Easy to order, install, deploy, and manage

– Both cloud and data center integrated which allows smaller offices to deliver an expansible, permanent-sized system with consolidated management

– Allows for greater storage efficiency and agility

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