FAS8000 Series Cloud Storage System

In an effort to keep up with an expanding IT base, computer storage company NetApp has unveiled the FAS8000 series cloud storage system. Not only does NetApp’s new updated series feature a faster processor, expanded memory and two to three time more virtual storage than its predecessor, but the FAS8000 utilizes V-series technology. This allows for third-party management via a NetApp head unit and virtualization of multi-vendor data storage platforms. The introduction of such a method of data storage is revolutionary as the computer industry embarks on the path to software-defined storage.

NetApp featured three distinct models with this new series: FAS8020, FAS 8040 and FAS 8060 (which replace the previous FAS/V3220, FAS/V3250 and FAS/V6220 respectively). Each model has various technical details but all have advanced disk shelves and shelf modules. The FAS8000 series is also the first array designed to take advantage of NetApp’s own Clustered Data ONTAP operating system. This means that the FAS8000 series combines a set of clustered FAS arrays into a single virtual pool; the operating system then carves out VSMs individually in order to maximize each application.

The new FAS8000 series is a single hybrid array designed for scale-out storage. NetApp originally built this as an enterprise storage system to unify SAN, NAS and storage virtualization, meaning it can double performance and deliver up to three times more flash acceleration than previous FAS platforms.

“CIOs and IT executives are constantly looking to simplify operations, make infrastructure decisions that can scale to demand, and deliver a solid return on investment for their organizations,” said Ashish Nadkarni, Research Director, Storage Systems and Big Data Research at IDC. This new model from NetApp is sure to not only accomplish those goals, but surpass them.

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