Managing BYOD in a VMware Horizon Workspace Environment

Managing BYOD in a VMware Horizon Workspace Environment

What does a personal mobile device world that supports the notion of universal access and convenience into the corporate network for IT management look like? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) introduces interesting problems where corporate users with mobile devices perform work tasks using a device that has a dual personality (personal use versus corporate use). In turn, companies are challenged to both create and implement a BYOD policy that underpins the needs of access and convenience without sacrificing security based on the IT exposures that a dual personality presents. The mobile device usage trends are clear based on a Forrester Report where it was cited that 66% of employees use 2 or more devices at work, 12% use tablets.

For mobile workspace management, the VMware Horizon Workspace streamlines IT management to enable end-user mobility by combining applications and data into an aggregated workspace. The Horizon Workspace solution is available as a virtual appliance that can be deployed in an enterprise environment onsite and work with existing enterprise services; many assets, devices and applications can be centralized and securely managed from behind a firewall. In or out of the office, users are given secure access to company files and applications they need on any device.

Horizon Workspace emphasizes the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Share Your Own Device (SYOD) ideals that have began to pop up recently in the technology field. There are several key features of the BYOD component on Horizon Workspace. One is the ability to access data and files everywhere, whether the user is on the road, at home or in the office. Another is being able to fully collaborate with other users. Horizon Workspace helps improve productivity by allowing end user secure access to applications and files no matter the device. Some compatible devices include iOS, Windows, Android, Mac and all of the major browsers. End-user downtime and service interruptions are reduced when using these devices and files are available to users each time on login on VMware Horizon Workspace.

 The Horizon Workspace provides additional services known as the Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace. This application allows companies to securely introduce Android and iOS devices to the network. This process isolates the work environment from the user’s personal environment to keep the company’s information secure.

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