The Benefits of NetApp Storage Efficiencies in the Datacenter

The Benefits of NetApp Storage Efficiencies in the Datacenter

Data storage has grown at exponential rates within the last decade. This is evidenced by the success of data storage companies such as NetApp. In many organizations, data growth is out of control. There is also a significant need to deal with server sprawl. Environmental concerns are also prevalent as many organizations are running out of power and cooling within the datacenter. According to a report published by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2007, data centers across the US have almost doubled their power consumption. One of the reasons for this exponential increase is the high demand for data storage. Thus, there is an ever-increasing need to find an effective solution to the increasing demand for data storage.

NetApp Storage: Introducing Data Consolidation

One of the solutions to these problems is to consolidate data through NetApp’s Unified Storage architecture. This provides cost-effective ways to store a larger volume of data while cutting down power and cooling costs considerably. Additionally many organizations are also introducing a virtualized server infrastructure to take advantage of NetApp’s Storage Efficiencies, which can significantly reduce storage utilization.

Most organizations need more than data storage; they need data management and NetApp’s answer for effective data management is Storage Efficiencies. Storage Efficiencies bring key data management technologies to the datacenter. This includes features such as Thin Provisioning, Deduplication, Flexclones and Snapshots.

Some of the prominent benefits of NetApp Storage are:

• Using Thin Provisioning to streamline storage provisioning to “on demand” provisioning.
• Reduced data space consumption with data Deduplication.
• Space saving data FlexClones for development, testing, rapid virtual machine deployment and disaster recovery.

According to an independent consumer survey report titled “Making Green IT a Reality: Customer Perspectives on the Impact of Storage Vendor Decisions on Power, Cooling, & Space in Enterprise Data Centers”, NetApp storage solutions help achieve up to 50% reduction in rack space and power consumption. This may sound like a sales pitch, but a recent case study on Kelley Blue Book outlines space savings of over 90% utilizing FlexPod for VMware and NetApp Unified Storage.

To learn more about the Thin Provisioningand Deduplication see the associated posts on our NetApp Blog page.

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