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New Forum on Secure Borderless Networks

I and some colleagues are starting a web forum on “Secure Borderless Networks” via Groups.  If you have an interest in how to tame the Borderless Frontier,  log in to and search the groups for “Secure Borderless Networks” or just click here:  The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for discussing Cisco Technologies and architectures supporting Secure Borderless Networks.  This includes ACS, NAC, TrustSec and other emerging technologies.

The Cisco “Borderless Networks” vision is both awesome and scary:  facilitating “access to anything on the network from anywhere” means enabling rapid business transactions and innovation,but it also now expands the “threat surface” of the corporate network dramatically.  Without a robust discussion about these challenges and potential solutions, the borderless frontier starts to look like the wild west, an inviting place for criminal hacker activity. The goal of this group is to encourage broad discussion of the potential threats and solutions, down to the features and lackings.

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